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Capsule Japon

Swim zen and heppy with your family in the summer


Eco-designed swimwear for men, women and kids

RE-USE Program

RE-USE Program

A unique program which enables us to collect your old 100% polyester swimsuits to reintroduce them into the recycling system, in order to produce new swimsuits.

Drop off your old 100% polyester swimsuits at our stores or send them to us, either they are GILI’S or not. You will get 15% off on your next purchase.


Our commitment

At GILI’S, we like to put meaning into what we do. From the choices of our fabrics to the recycling of your swimwear, and following through in the manufacturing process, we always consider and improve the green and social impact of our activities. Since we do it for you and with you, we offer transparency about our commitments in 6 points.



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