How to choose your bathrobe?

How to choose your bathrobe?

It's a well-known fact that bathrobes are always a great gift idea for loved ones!

To help you choose the best bathrobe this year, whether for yourself or to give as a gift, we've summarized some useful info to find the perfect bathrobe for this winter!

Body and bathrobe measurements

The sizing of the bathrobes is the same as the usual sizing: S, M, L, XL, XXL...  You can also consult our size chart to find the perfect bathrobe for you! There is a perfect bathrobe for everyone: men, women and children!

The different materials of bathrobe

Cotton terry: The material of GILI'S bathrobes. Terry is a fabric with long loops that can absorb large amounts of water. Cotton terry bathrobes provide a pleasant feeling of comfort and luxury. While Turkish and Egyptian cotton is plush and absorbent, it is also very thick and heavy. So it's best to use this material for bathrobes designed to wick moisture and keep warm. Perfect for a winter night!

Microfiber: Microfiber is a relatively new material, gaining popularity for many reasons. Because microfiber is thinner than silk, it is very soft to the touch and is a lightweight material.

Cotton Velvet: Cotton velvet is a knitted pile fabric that is almost as plush and luxurious as velvet. Cotton velour robes are soft, thick and insulating. However, instead of cotton, there are many velour robes that are made of polyester.

Satin and Silk: Silk and satin are shiny fabrics that feel luxurious and comfortable. However, silk and satin robes do not absorb water or retain heat. 

Cashmere: Cashmere fibers are highly prized worldwide. These fine fibers come from the shedding process that special breeds of goats undergo naturally. This is the reason why cashmere is very expensive.

Chenille: Chenille or microchenille robes have become increasingly popular. They are made of polyester and cotton. Many are mass produced; and by definition inexpensive. However, it is best to avoid these inferior bathrobes as they very rarely meet our expectations.

What color to choose for your bathrobe

A bathrobe is chosen for its material, but also for its style! Make your choice among 3 colors:

-Navy blue, a color that pleases all ages! Perfect to match with your little ones, the tone of this color also matches very well with our new slippers in collaboration with Angarde, also blue with a reminder of the Azulejos pattern. Enjoy a matching look from head to toe, for adults and children!

-Old pink, a softer variant than the classic pink, ideal for relaxing after a hot bath. A glamorous and warm color, often associated with relaxation and meditation. Perfect to forget the stress of the work day and enjoy a calm and restful evening.

-White, a classic but timeless color. White is a cool color, perfect for summer and winter! Match with our pajamas and their white dominance for a complete set!

Bring a personalized touch to your bathrobe

GILI'S bathrobes are all about possibilities and customization. A choice of 3 colors: navy blue, old pink and white; combined with our famous Azulejos pattern, inspired by the famous Portuguese Azulejos tiles. On the collar or all over, it's your choice!

And for an even more personal bathrobe, we offer you the possibility to have it embroidered with the first name, nickname, initials or word of your choice. So many possibilities are open to you, a perfect touch of attention for a personalized gift ?

Match your bathrobes with your family

Everyone likes to take pictures of themselves with their family: on vacation, at the beach, in the mountains, at a restaurant... But few have had the idea to take pictures of themselves with matching clothes! Better yet: make it more original with matching bathrobes

Show your friends and family that even at home, you remain as close as ever! Go beyond the classic Christmas sweater photo and take a picture of yourself under your tree with matching robes! Then use this photo to send your loved ones a nice and original Christmas card ?

Show us your photos and post them on instagram with the #gilistrotters by tagging us. Because at GILI'S, we love your pictures! ?