Matching bathrobes for couples

Matching bathrobes for couples

Winter, that season as warm as it is cold, is approaching. And with it, the pleasure of finding the warmth of our homes and resting in soft and comfortable bathrobes. Symbols of relaxation and well-being, any bathrobe would make a wonderful gift. And those designed to match you as a couple are even better!

There are many possibilities: color, prints, embroidery... All these possibilities are available for both him and her, for a perfect couple's bathrobe assortment!

A relaxing moment as a couple with matching bathrobes

The light, comfortable, soft bathrobe... the ideal for a relaxing moment! And what could be better than spending a relaxing moment with your partner? Whether it's for a full day or an evening, spending time together in a bathrobe is an intimate and unique moment. Why not take that intimacy to the next level with a set of matching bathrobes for the couple?

Our bathrobes are available for both him and her in different colors:

Navy blue, a color that everyone loves! Make perfect love with this GILI'S flagship color, a color variation inspired by the deep blue of the ocean floor and the blue of the waves.

Old Pink, a softer variation of the classic pink, ideal for relaxing after a hot bath. A glamorous and warm color, often associated with relaxation and meditation. Perfect to forget the stress of the work day and enjoy a calm and restful evening.

White, a classic but timeless color. White is a cool color, perfect for summer and winter! Match with our pajamas and their white dominance for a complete set!

You can also affirm your couple with a personalized embroidery such as "Mr." and "Mrs.", or "She" and "He". Wink also possible with "A guy", "A girl" ? 

The embroidery is available on all GILI'S bathrobes, both adults and children!

The bathrobe: an ideal gift for Christmas

By buying matching bathrobes for you and your partner, you have chosen a useful, elegant and personal gift for both of you. A personalized bathrobe is already a great gift, but sharing it with your partner makes it even more special! 

Enjoy a choice of colors with the recall of our Azulejos pattern, on collar or all over

Take personalization to the next level with custom embroidery. First name, nickname, initial or the word of your choice; so many possibilities are open to you: a perfect touch of attention for a unique gift.

A perfect couple's photo with matching bathrobes

Show your loved ones that you stay close, even at home! Send your loved ones a more relaxed and cozy couple greeting card than the traditional Christmas sweater photo for the holidays with your matching bathrobes!

Don't forget to send us your photos and post them on instagram with the #gilistrotters and identify us. Because at GILI'S, we love to see your matches!