Which swimsuit to choose?

Which swimsuit to choose?

If you are wondering which swimsuit to choose for your next vacation, this guide is for you. Depending on your body type, you can choose from a wide range of models, focusing on the types of swimsuits that will best enhance your shape. For men, the selection of a swimsuit also requires taking into consideration several criteria. Here we'll look at how to make the right choice for your swimsuit and feel comfortable on the beach or in the pool during your vacation.

Choosing a swimsuit for women

The morphology of each woman is a determining factor in choosing a swimsuit. To hide your complexes while offering the most adapted case to your body, here are the swimsuits recommended for the five great types of morphology.

A-frame: narrow waist and wide hips

Women with an A-frame (or pyramid) shape, characterized by wide hips, narrow shoulders and a slim waist, can look for a bandeau top. This type of model emphasizes the bust by highlighting the shoulders. For models with straps, choose them as thin as possible to enhance your shoulders. For the bottom of the swimsuit, a low cut model is ideal to lengthen the legs. In any case, avoid shorty or panty type models that would be too covering.

V-shaped morphology: wide shoulders and narrow pelvis

Women with wide shoulders and a narrow pelvis have a V-shaped (or inverted pyramid) morphology. A 2-piece swimsuit is the right solution for an assumed femininity. A swimsuit top with underwire and adjustable straps is relevant to bring volume to a small bust. For those with an advantageous neckline, a balconnet model such as a triangle swimsuit with thin straps or a bandeau shape is just right. A swimsuit bottom with frills or bows on the sides will shape the hips. Don't wear sportswear with wide straps or low cut bottoms.

O-shaped morphology: round and luscious silhouette

If you have a fuller figure and a generous bust, your body shape is called O-shaped. In this case, the most interesting option is a one-piece swimsuit that hides the curves while enhancing the neckline. To refine the belly, a sheathing swimsuit is a possibility. To play the feminine card, a plunging neckline is possible. At the same time, it is preferable not to choose swimsuits with wide stripes or with a low cut.

H-shape: shoulders and hips in line

An H-shape (or rectangle) silhouette is a shape where the hips and shoulders are aligned. A 2-piece swimsuit is preferable in this case for more femininity. For a bikini top, a model with underwire and adjustable straps is a good choice, as is a high-waisted bottom with ruffles or bows on the sides. A glamorous choice is a retro style. Avoid low-cut bottoms, striped styles and square necklines.

X-shaped morphology: slim waist, shoulders and hips in line

Finally, with shoulders and hips aligned for a slim waist, your silhouette corresponds to an X-shaped morphology. It is a chance because this silhouette allows you to wear all types of swimsuits. Do not hesitate to choose your favorite model and follow the trends of the moment.

Choosing a swimsuit for men

For men too, knowing which swimsuit to choose can be difficult. With a wide range of models available, you can find the one that will suit you best based on your intended use.

Models to consider

If you want a versatile model, ideal for the beach as well as for leisure, the woven swim shorts, reaching mid-thigh, are the most suitable. For a sporty or relaxing vacation, they are suitable for all occasions and can be adapted to any body shape. Swim trunks are another, bolder choice, but will only suit the best-built men. The same goes for the classic boxer brief. Another possibility, the boardshort is to choose for the practice of board sports such as surfing.

The choice of the length

For your swim shorts, the size is the most important feature. Young or sporty men can turn to shorter shorts, a little revealing. The classic swimsuit, longer and fuller, is to be chosen for a casual look above all. Some swim shorts can also be similar to long Bermuda shorts for those who are more chilly. Taller men may also prefer long shorts that stop near the knees, while those with shorter legs may prefer shorter styles.

The style that suits you

To finalize the choice of your swim shorts, it all depends on the style you want to adopt on the beach. Light or flashy colors, which reflect the light, are more pleasant to wear. Darker colors will add a chic edge to your beach look. The vacations are also a time to add a touch of whimsy, with original prints and bright colors. With a plain design, a drawstring, colored band or closure adds a touch of style.