Which swimsuit for which body type?

Which swimsuit for which body type?

Just like pants, sweaters, t-shirts and socks, swimsuits come in many shapes and colors. Discover our complete guide to choosing the piece that will enhance your natural assets.

Summer is fast approaching. And the eternal question is already coming back: which swimsuit should I choose according to my morphology? Here are some tips to find THE model that will flatter your figure and erase any complexes.

Women's swimsuit: which swimsuit for my body type?

There are four main types of female body shapes: A, H, V and 8 (or X for the less plump).

Which swimsuit for an A shape?

You have an A shape if your body is sculpted like a pyramid, with :

  • narrow shoulders,
  • a relatively small chest,
  • a marked waist,
  • wide hips,
  • round thighs.

The idea : to draw the eye to your upper body while minimizing the attention paid to your lower body.

Our advice : to highlight your breasts and accentuate the feminine side of your figure, choose a swimsuit top with a plunging neckline or a balconnet with underwire. For the bottom, choose a low-cut panty that will visually lengthen your legs.

What to avoid : shorts, high-waisted panties and briefs with details (ruffles, frills, bangs, etc.) that create volume at the hips.

Which swimsuit for an H-shaped body?

If your shoulders and hips are in the same alignment and your waist is little or not marked, your silhouette is said to be H-shaped.

The idea : to redefine your curves and give the illusion of a defined waist.

Our advice : the bikini is your best ally to enhance your femininity. If you have a small chest, choose a push-up top, which will give more presence to your bust. As for panties, they can be worn high-waisted or belted to emphasize your waist.

What to avoid : the square neckline, the sporty bra and horizontal stripes that thicken the silhouette.

Which swimsuit for a V-shaped body?

Are your shoulders wider than your hips? Like 23% of French women, you have an athletic figure, known as a V shape.

The idea : soften your body shape while adding glamour to your swimwear.

Our advice : on top, favor asymmetrical tops and triangles with thin straps that tie around the neck. These models will enhance your chest and reduce the square aspect of your shoulders. At the bottom, prefer low-rise panties that will fill out your hips and naturally rebalance your silhouette.

What to avoid : the one-piece with wide straps, the bustier and the straight bandeau which reinforce the width of your shoulders.

Which swimsuit for a figure 8?

With a pronounced waist, balanced shoulders and hips, your figure 8 is the envy of many.

The idea : follow the curves of your body naturally.

Our advice : whether you're tall or short, you can afford any type of women's swimsuit. One-piece, 2-piecetriangle or even balconette : you'll be spoilt for choice. However, if you have a generous bust, choose a swimsuit top with underwire. It's best to choose a lycra top to shape your curves and ensure good support for your breasts. And if you have a small belly, opt for high-waisted panties.

What to avoid : the tankini with a puffy effect at the waist, which may create a visual imbalance.

Did you know?

As comfortable as lingerie, women's swimsuits are not limited to aquatic activities. It blends in beautifully with your everyday outfits. With its crop top-like cut, the bikini top pairs perfectly with light dresses, long skirts and blazers. Transformed into a bodysuit, the one-piece slips nicely under jean shorts for a casual look or under high-waisted pants for a more chic look.

Men's swimsuit: which swimsuit for my body type?

O-shaped, A-shaped, H-shaped or V-shaped: which man swimsuit will best suit your body type?

You are O-shaped

Men with this morphology have a bit of a belly and a rather generous build.

Our advice : to highlight your build, choose swim shorts with a straight or semi-fitted cut. These styles are similar to street clothes and can be easily combined with 100% cotton t-shirts or light shirts.

What to avoid : pieces that are too wide and widen the hips.

You are in A

This morphology is quite rare among men. It is defined by a very round body on the lower part of the body.

Our advice : choose a plain or simple patterned boardshort to balance your figure.

What to avoid : swimsuits that are too short and make your shoulders look thin.

You are an H-shaped woman

This is the most common shape for men. It is characterized by :

  • a rather long and slender silhouette,
  • a not very developed belly,
  • square shoulders of the same width as the hips.

Our advice : briefs, swim shorts or boardshorts: anything goes.

What to avoid : colors that don't enhance your appearance. Do you have light skin? Play with contrasts by favoring cool and dark colored pieces. On the other hand, if you have dark or matte skin, opt for bright and flashy colors to highlight your complexion.

You are V-shaped

You have a dream figure. Well-proportioned, your shoulders are significantly wider than your hips and waist.

Our advice : if you're muscular, choose low-cut swimsuits that will draw attention to your abs.

What to avoid : models that are too long or baggy, which will compress your figure.

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