Find a trendy swimsuit for 2021

Find a trendy swimsuit for 2021

Choose a trendy swimsuit for women and men for summer 2021

Trendy swimwear in 2021, well-matched pieces for the whole family this summer

Summer is coming with its vacation fragrance, it's time to choose your complete swimwear! On the beach or by the pool, the trendy swimsuit must match. For women as well as men, it's the occasion to associate the patterns of your swimwear with those of your children.

Women's swimsuit bikini or one-piece

Paradise beaches are everywhere in your dreams and you feel like escaping? It's time to get ready for your summer vacation and put a little glitter in your life! And the piece to put in priority in the suitcase is of course the swimsuit. For the new summer season, we bet on the chic and comfortable beachwear. It enhances the silhouette and also matches the other members of the family.

The one-piece swimsuit with modern designs

In 2021, forget tankinis, high-waisted panties or high-waisted bikinis. Because it covers the hips, the one-piece swimsuit is the best way to be comfortable and stylish. It is the fashion piece that suits all figures. Slim or full-figured, all shapes fit into the one-piece. The one-piece swimsuits ensure a good support of the chest while sublimating it. We can also leave aside the animal print for the summer of 2021. Opt instead for patterns that evoke the islands and the tropics, they highlight the tan.

Bikinis for every figure

What is perfect with the 2-piece swimsuit is that it comes in many shapes. It is therefore suitable for all women. For the top, we leave the bandeau shape in the closet because the trend is the triangle that magnifies both small breasts and generous necklines. We can choose it with adjustable straps or with straps to be tied, which allows to adapt it at best to its morphology. For the matching bottom, it's up to you. You can choose the classic panty, chic and comfortable, or the knotted panty that can be easily adjusted to all sizes.

Choosing a matching mother-daughter swimsuit

The patterns available in women's swimwear are also found in the children's swimwear line. This is an opportunity for your little girl to match her beachwear with her mom's. The patterns are to be chosen according to your preferences: graphicgraffiti effect. Do you like solid color patterns? Choose the navy blue swimsuit that matches your mother's. The little extra for girls is that the swimsuit is one piece with ruffles. To complete your child's beach outfit, you can choose one or more styles of ruffled swim panties. It's perfect for girls from 1 to 4 years old.

Men's swimwear trend 2021

Gentlemen, give yourself a moment to forget about the news and focus on the upcoming summer. It's time to find your new swimsuit and beachwear. Keep up with the latest trends with well-fitting swim shorts in current colors. When it comes to comfort, say thank you to the quick-drying fabric.

Men's Drawstring or Button Swim Shorts

With a slim fit that reaches above the knee, swim shorts are practical and comfortable. They are held in place at the waist with an elastic waistband tightened with a drawstring or a button belt. We like the multicolored association of the belt or the cord with the patterns or the stripes of the shorts. To be trendy, we prefer sparkling colors for the belt, like orange or yellow.

Trendy swimsuit for men with patterns or stripes

For men, the trendy patterns come in different prints for each of the swimsuits. They are polka dots, patterns or stripes and combine colors for more fun. They evoke the sea, sports and the best surf spots around the world. With its casual look, the swim shorts match well with beachwear, t-shirtpolo or shirt.

Matching swim shorts

Have you fallen for a particular pair of swim shorts? Get the same for your son. Little boys like to do like their daddy, this is the opportunity to please them. Their complicity will be reinforced. On the beach or at the pool, there's no doubt about it. We quickly notice the father and the son with their bathing suits with identical patterns and colors.

Matching swimsuits for the whole family

Are you all in the same family and want to get the message across? Go for matching swimsuits. Your whole tribe can wear the same patterns or colors. Several parent/child, girl or boy combinations are possible. Swimsuits can be matched between dad and child or mom and child.

Special couple swimsuit

You are partners, so why not show it this summer? Swimsuits can be matched in color or pattern. The lady can choose between a one-piece or two-piece swimsuit and the gentleman can choose between swim shorts with an elastic waistband tightened with a drawstring or a buttoned flat belt.