The guide to choosing your swimsuit size

The guide to choosing your swimsuit size

All the advice to choose your swimsuit size

To enjoy your vacation, it's important to feel comfortable in your one- or two-piece swimsuit. How to choose the right size swimsuit for you? Discover our size and shape tips to be the queen on the beach! With these tips, you'll be happy with your bikini choice and enjoy the summer to the fullest.

How to choose the right swimsuit size?

Size 36 or 42? A or D cup? Need to find the right girl's swimsuit size to enhance your curves? To remove your doubts, get a tape measure. By using a tape measure for your measurements, you're sure to make the right choice of one- or two-piece swimsuit.

Choosing your two-piece swimsuit top

For your two-piece top, you will need to know your cup size. First, measure your bust size, which is the area under your bust. Then, measure your cup depth, placing your tape measure at the height of your breasts. Refer to the chart below.

Two-piece swimsuit size guide

Choosing your 2-piece bikini bottom

The bikini bottom is chosen according to your hip size. To take your measurements, place your tape measure at the widest point of your pelvis, where your buttocks are the most rounded.

Choosing your one-piece swimsuit

For the one-piece, your height and cup size will usually tell you what size bikini to choose. To go further, refer to our size guide below. With this help, you will know your 1-piece swimsuit size.

One-piece swimsuit size guide

Swimsuit size by body type

Not sure whether to choose a bikini or a one-piece suit? Wondering which size will make you look best in a triangle top or a bandeau, or a low-cut bottom or a brief? Don't panic, with this morphology guide, you'll be able to choose a swimsuit that's right for your figure, no matter what style you choose.

A-frame morphology

A-frame or pyramid shapes are characterized by a small bust and rounded hips. For this type of body type, opt for a fancy top with straps, bows or frills. All of these elements will give body to frail shoulders. For the bottom, the objective is to refine the legs by privileging the notched panties. For the 1-piece swimsuit, the plunging V neckline is recommended.

V-shaped morphology

For this inverted pyramid silhouette, the bust is developed and the legs are slender. If you have this morphology, opt for tops with balconies or triangles to tie in the back. Always choose thin straps to refine your shoulders. Knotted briefs, patterned briefs and shorties will give density to your thighs.

H-shaped body type

People with an H-shape have aligned shoulders and hips. They have a small waist and a small chest. For these slender figures, the goal is to give volume at the top and bottom. Triangle swimsuits and push-ups are very suitable, as are low-cut panties and those with belts. Asymmetrical cuts and colorful patterns will make the H-shaped figure even more feminine.

X-shaped morphology

The X shape is symbolized by aligned shoulders and hips and a marked waist. There are many bikini options for hourglass shapes: triangle, bandeau, balconette, underwired, shorties, low cut panties... All colors and patterns are also suitable for X-shaped shapes. On the 1-piece side, the triangle swimsuit is perfect for this morphology. You can accentuate your curves with push-ups.

O-shaped morphology

What to wear when you have a large chest? This is the question that could be asked by a person with an O shape. This morphology is characterized by generous shapes. The challenge is to shape the curves. The bra is therefore worn with underwires and the panties are high to ensure good support. The V-neckline and the balconies particularly enhance this silhouette. Finally, lycra is one of those materials that wonderfully dust the full curves.

Morphology in 8

Aligned shoulders and hips, a defined waist and a full bust, these are the characteristics of the figure 8. From bikinis to one-pieces, all swimsuits will fit this body type.

Which swimsuit to choose when you play sports?

Are you a sportswoman? Whether you're swimming laps or surfing, you'll need to choose a comfortable swimsuit. A swimsuit that is neither too large nor too small will provide exceptional support. Also look at the shape of the swimsuit. For example, swimsuits with a halter top are excellent because they allow for neck clearance and freedom of movement. With swimsuits made of elastic material, you will also be more comfortable when doing your sport.

Final tips for making the right bikini choice

Between one-piece and two-piece, tie-dye and strapless, there are swimsuit styles that change every season. Other buying criteria include your taste, but also your body type.

To find the swimsuit that's right for you, measure yourself with a tape measure. You can also use your lingerie size as a reference. Finally, keep in mind that different countries have different measurement charts. To know which swimsuit size to choose, refer to the European or French regulations in force.