Choosing a good swimsuit for men: practical advice

Choosing a good swimsuit for men: practical advice

Men have nothing to envy to women's bikinis, but faced with the multitude of cuts, materials and colors, it can be difficult to find your way. Here are some fashion tips and men's swimsuit sizes to help you in your selection.

By clarifying these questions, you will have a great summer.

What criteria to choose your beachwear?

Looking for the perfect shorts to accompany you on your vacation? There is a wide range of swimwear for men. Let's take a look at their main characteristics.

The material

The ranges are mainly declined in shorts in synthetic materials (polyester, polyamide, nylon, etc.). These fabrics are very light and therefore pleasant in summer weather. They also have the advantage of drying quickly. At GILI'S, you will find clothes made of water-repellent fabric that have been evaluated to allow them to dry very quickly.

The length

Different lengths are available: mid-thigh, 2/3 thigh and knee length. The mid-thigh model is probably the one that allows the most freedom of movement, which is why we offer it on our site. This length is ideal to accompany you on your adventures (sailing, beach volleyball, etc.) or to sunbathe.

The Color

You may be wondering what color to choose. It's the vacations so you might as well play it festive. In fact, the brands have made no mistake in offering colors with attractive tones. At GILI'S, color is part of our DNA, which is why we also choose colorful swim shorts: red, yellow, orange, blue... Enjoy yourself! 

What size should I choose?

To find out your men's swimsuit size, nothing could be easier, refer to your pants size. Remember to take a size above yours if you have a large thigh.

To find your size match, check out our guide below:

How to find the model that highlights?

Just as with women's swimsuit sizing, men need to consider their body type. With these technical tips, you'll be able to enhance your physique!

Morphology in A

Men with an A shape are those who have a corpulent physique on the torso and legs. For example, if you have a swimsuit size of 44, avoid all close-fitting clothes like briefs and boxers and prefer shorts. Shorts with an elastic waistband will be ideal for a good support at the waist and a better comfort.

O-shaped body type

If you have an O shape, you have a strong abdomen and slim legs. You'll opt for mid-thigh shorts that will give more harmony to your silhouette. Here again, our Trawangan model with elastic waistband will be your best ally!

H-shaped morphology

Men with a large build have an H-shaped body. Since they are solidly built in the torso and hips, they can wear anything: elastic waistband swim shorts, buttoned waistband swim shorts, briefs, ... they are spoilt for choice!

V shape

The V shape is for athletic men. They can also afford all models. A mid-thigh swim short will be perfect to highlight the musculature.

What style should I choose for my beach shorts?

A suit that fits you is good, but if it has style it is even better! Colors, patterns, prints, the choice is not lacking.

It would be a shame to miss out on a fancy piece with the many printed swimsuits we offer! In terms of style, we offer you stripes or prints inspired by the world. When you wear them, you'll feel like escaping!

With your beachwear, you certainly want to be casual but you also want to be stylish. On our site, you will find models with a straight cut of great refinement. A pair of shorts with a flat buttoned waistband and a t-shirt is very chic at the beach! Being elegant in your beachwear is now possible!

Before buying, think about the finishing touches

For your own comfort, it is important to check that the piece covers well and that it fits well at the waist. Moreover, this applies to all clothes: boxer, boardshort, briefs ...

You should know that a drawstring is very practical because it stays in place even if you are facing a rough sea. We offer shorts with elastic drawstring waistband but also with button to let you choose. As for the lining, shorts with an inner net save you from adding a boxer. All our models are lined with a net that guarantees 100% comfort and no itching. Thinking about the pockets is also important. On this side, you will be sure to keep your personal effects with our clothes and their two side pockets, all our men's swim shorts have them.

The question of maintenance

To enjoy your outfit all summer long, take care of it. Although GILI'S fabrics are resistant to salt, chlorine and sun, you can still care for your garment. Rinse it with clean water after each use. Wash it regularly at 30° and do not tumble dry it. You'll avoid the stress of wear and tear!

Choose shorts for everyone

This is a casual garment par excellence. You will wear it for the beach, the pool, the sea. This model is just as suitable for shopping at the local market as for sunbathing on your towel! In short, all activities are possible as long as you feel comfortable. You will be as much highlighted whether you have a muscular or corpulent physique; whether you are tall or short.

In a few clicks, find the unique piece and place your order on our site. With your beachwear, you'll want to take a dive for sure!