Our story

The story starts off Indonesian islands…

GILI’S is your swimwear brand. A brand inspired by your love of the beach, family holidays and special times. We’ll share our story so far and what’s on the horizon with you.

It all started with a trip…

It all started with a trip…

The story behind GILI’S is Clarisse and Aymeric’s trip to the Gili Islands off the coast of Bali.

This French brand inspired by their lifestyle resulted from their honeymoon in 2013. Their aim was to shake up men’s swimwear and extend this inspiration to boys’ swimwear to match their adult range incorporating greater comfort, modernity and expertise. Prints inspired by their travels, prints that tell a story and unite fathers and sons are the brand’s hallmark. The brand evolved with the birth of their daughter Octavie who was born in 2015 and inspired their first swimwear range for little girls including a design with her name. A sense of family is essential to this entrepreneurial couple. One of the items is named after Isaure, it goes without saying. 

GILI’S is a brand boasting swimwear that is designed to wear for a dip in the sea as well as for venturing further afield. It has a unique hallmark: prints inspired by the most beautiful spots in the world, colours that make you want to pack your suitcase and an iconic print: azulejos (glazed tilework) #portugalcheri

First range for men: standing out

In creating their first range for men, GILI’S has a goal in mind: putting unique French expertise at the heart of sophisticated manufacturing to offer swimwear that is durable, as well as being ‘dive, sunbath, swim repeat’ resistant and elegantly reflect those wearing it. Emphasis is on the quality of their products and sourcing a technical and light fabric that dries in a flash.

The technical side is paramount to this entrepreneurial couple, swiftly followed by the aesthetics. Premium quality is combined with a stylish offering to keep pace with a generation of men looking for the perfect swimwear. Elegant patterns combined with colours conducive to escapism are inspired by their travels and favourite things. Azulejos, irresistibly charming Portuguese earthenware tiles, soon became the brand’s iconic design.

There are two styles for men at the heart of the collection: one with an elasticated waist, Trawangan, the other with a flat belt, Air, available in various colours. There is also a line for children (boys and girls) to match daddy, complementing one another on the beach and in the water. 

Range for children

Clarisse and Aymeric soon created swimwear for boys to match the men’s range. Azulejos also feature on the shorts for boys adapted to their size and crazy escapades. The winning father/son combination makes these prints very appealing. Fresh graphic designs elegantly match boosting relationships on holiday and creating happy, lasting memories.

In 2015, the birth of their first daughter Octavie naturally inspired a range of swimwear for little girls. Bikini bottoms (irresistible) and one-piece swimsuits elegantly yet adorably featuring the men’s designs. The gamble has paid off! The GILI’S brand has grown organically with the family…

Introducing prêt-à-porter: a continuing philosophy

Alongside the launch of the children’s range, GILI’S chose to harness this fantastic momentum to expand the scope of the adventure to a global lifestyle. GILI’S prêt-à-porter pieces made their debut with cotton t-shirts and shirts that are as soft as silk  against the skin after a day on the beach.

Not surprisingly GILI’S has taken swimwear a step further by creating prêt-à-porter pieces to match it and throw into your case for sunny strolls. Partly organic and linen t-shirts, polo shirts and cotton shirts that feel good.

As well as accessories (weekend bag, caps, fouta, towels, wooden toys) with GILI’S patterns, elaborating the brand lifestyle for the beach.

Introducing prêt-à-porter: a continuing philosophy

Creation of women's collection: the full family set

After the cretaion of our lifestyle collection, it was time to create a swimsuits collection for women, in line with our brand. And as we like to follow through, we took the time to design a range of one-piece and two-piece swimsuits, as elegant as resistant, that fitall shapes and combine feminity and comfort, style and liberty.

Today we are proud to add that new step to our adventure.

GILI’S anticipating your needs

GILI’S is a dynamic brand growing organically with the family. It continues to reflect on how to improve and pushes itself each day to take a step further regarding quality, eco-responsibility, respect for others and the planet we love. Consequently, we listen to you every day, paying close attention to your needs, preferences, desires and way of thinking. As swimwear is a such a unique garment combining beauty and innovation, we continuously look for the best materials and perfect designs, to take to far-off destinations as well as closer to home.