Our Re-Use Program

A unique program that allows us to salvage your old polyester swimsuits and reintroduce them into the cyclicing system to produce new swimsuits.

A project born from a alarming fact

Today, ocean contains 12 000 000 tons of plastic wast every year.

Textile overconsumption represents 100 billions of clothing items per year, only 1% is recycled.

A project born from a alarming fact

How to stop this pollution?

GILI'S is commiting and launching the Re-Use Program

To reduce its environmental impact,

plastic waste and old swimwear are transformed into recycled polyester fibers.

Compared to new fibers, it's:

Compared to new fibers, it's:

80% less energy

70% less carbon emission

0 heavy metals

Act for change

Drop off* old swimwear made from in 100% polyester, regardless of the brand

And get 15% off on your next purchase !

*You can also send them by post at:
Boutique GILI'S - 103 rue vieille du temple - 75003 Paris (FRANCE)

Act for change