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A word from the founders

A new season begins with that same wild desire to explore the world, to experience new adventures, and to marvel at the beauty of nature and diverse cultures.

This year, GILI'S takes you to South America!

To discover its vast preserved landscapes, lush nature, dreamy beaches, the warmly welcoming Latin culture, the laid-back lifestyle, or the "Pura Vida" philosophy of Costa Rica.

There's music on every street corner, traditional dances, a sense of celebration, and joyful colors.

We share our passion for travel with you, along with all those positive vibes and wonders through our colorful prints inspired by this magnificent region of the world.

Wishing you the most beautiful of journeys.

Clarisse & Aymeric

A word from the founders

A short circuit

We create parts in small quantities that last a long time and whose materials are 100% European. For their manufacture, we rely on the short circuit. The one that makes sense and has the least impact on the planet: Spain - Portugal - Morocco.

Eco-responsible fabrics

In phase with the world around us, GILI'S is even more committed in 2020. How do we do this? By using an innovative material, the result of several years of research: recycled polyester fibers. Obtained from plastic bottles and old polyester clothes, they are 80% less energy consuming and emit 70% less carbon dioxide than ordinary polyester. Because we don't do things by halves, we have switched the majority of our swimwear line to recycled polyester. Our fabrics are certified OEKO-Tex and Global Recycled Standard.

Organic cotton

A large part of our ready-to-wear is made of organic cotton. The one that respects the skin and the planet at the same time. Quality organic cotton selected with common sense and high standards. The one that gives our ready-to-wear line even more qualities and that covers with softness the moments out of the water.

A green packaging

Because the packaging of what you wear and what you give away is often harmful to the planet you love, at GILI'S we are careful about how we package your swimwear. We have chosen to trade our traditional plastic packaging for recycled and recyclable plastic.

Our RE-USE Program

A unique program that allows us to recover your old polyester swimwear and reintroduce it into the recycling system to reproduce new swimwear.

More than a know-how, a trademark

100% European fabrics that resist everything and dry quickly.

The fabrics of our swimsuits have been carefully selected and worked on so that they do not wear out over the course of the seasons, exhibitions and swimming in treated or salt water.

Because men, children and women have very different skills, we have surrounded ourselves with the best workshops in Portugal to design swimsuits adapted to each morphology and each need.

No awkward seams for our demanding kids, cuts that highlight the natural curves of adults (just as demanding) and ergonomics that suit athletes as well as those who like to relax in comfort.

More than a know-how, a trademark
Our social commitment with Colorie ma vie

Our social commitment with Colorie ma vie

Five years ago, in Madagascar, we had the chance to meet Françoise, a committed woman and mother of 42 Malagasy children. She dedicated her life to others, in order to offer a second chance, an education and a lot of love to children in need. Françoise unfortunately left us a year ago, but Maëva, the eldest of this great siblings, has taken up this beautiful torch and continues the mission of Colorie ma vie.

It is therefore with pleasure that we participate, in our own way, in this human mission by committing ourselves as sponsors, to help finance the needs of the children. This year, GILI'S will also be able to pay for a whole year's worth of electricity as well as the salaries of the house staff, who take care of the maintenance, laundry and cooking for the children!

Like every year, we were supposed to visit them last April, but the health situation forced us to cancel our visit. On this occasion, we take them on a trip to discover the water and the pleasure of swimming. A great moment shared with them that allows them to get out of their daily life and to discover new horizons.

We hope to be able to join them very soon and share with you this commitment so dear to our hearts.

Our stores

GILI'S stores welcome you in a seaside universe with light wood furniture and a vacation atmosphere.

103 rue Vieille du Temple - 75003 Paris
T : 01 48 04 99 87

7 rue du Cherche-midi - 75006 Paris
T : 01 58 90 12 94

11 Avenue du Général de Gaulle - 44500 La Baule
T : 02 40 91 41 45

Our stores

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