Kalahari pareo Kalahari pareo


  • French brand

We continue to create new feminine models to accompany you during your vacations, in the water and on the beach! Here are our first soft and flowing pareos that feature our favorite prints of the season.

Wear it around your waist, as a dress or as a scarf... it's your choice! 

  • Dimensions: 100 x 180 cm
  • 100% modal 

100% Rayon

  • Rayon is obtained by a technical process from cellulose extracted from beechwood.
    These fibers are not synthetic fibers, but artificial fibers of vegetable origin. Rayon has a silky appearance and washes and dries very well. It is absorbent and resistant.

At GILI’S our trademark is our expertise.

To develop this new line of fancy summer products, we have entrusted our production to a historic factory based in India, an expert country in printed viscose.

Their ancestral know-how has thus been deployed in all stages of production, from spinning to clothing manufacture, including weaving.