What to wear to stay at home?

What to wear to stay at home?

When it comes to getting dressed at home, everyone has their own way of doing things. For some, it is essential to stay in pajamas for cocooning and restful days. For others, a pair of sweatpants brings the necessary comfort to stay at home all day. What is it really? What is the best clothing to wear when you want to spend a day at home? And more importantly, under what circumstances? Is it appropriate for telecommuting?

Pajamas or sweatpants?

Main difference: Pajamas are most often made of cotton or cotton blend and have always been popular as comfortable clothing, perfect for lounging or napping. Sweatpants are another type of pants, which were originally designed for sports.

However, over time, both have evolved out of their specific areas. Pajamas have become the garment in which one sleeps because of its comfort, while some people prefer to sleep in sweatpants. Today, both have become acceptable everyday wear, day and night; especially for people who prefer comfort! Many fashion trends are emerging in the use of these in a general context, mainly sweatpants.

Pajamas are most often made of cotton or cotton blend, which is ideal for the hot Indian summers. They were worn by people of all social classes, men and women. Eventually, people started making them out of other materials. Two other popular options are flannel and silk, both of which are better suited to cooler northern climates.

Sweatpants, on the other hand, are somewhat different. While they are also usually made of cotton, they are made from a heavier knit, which makes them bulkier than pajamas. They are usually made of polyester, which makes them better suited for their original purpose, which is to be worn for sports. This makes them more practical for sports, but not necessarily suitable for sleeping and staying in, especially in hot weather!

What is the best outfit for telecommuting?

Since the health crisis, many people have had to start working from home. These people have generally taken a liking to it. Indeed, who would refuse to work in a light outfit and in the comfort of their home? Maybe even in pajamas? 

Some may wonder if wearing pajamas while working can decrease their productivity. The answer is no! In fact, in a 2020 study conducted in Sydney, researchers found that working at home in pajamas during the Covid-19 pandemic did not decrease productivity.

According to the study conducted by the Woolcock Institute of Medical Research, in collaboration with the University of Technology Sydney and the University of Sydney, 41% of those surveyed reported experiencing an increase in productivity while working from home.

So it's fair to say that you can work in your pajamas without negatively impacting your work. Be careful, however, to change your clothes for video conferences!

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